Tatjana Kobuszewska and Robert Kobuszewski
A System of conscious and simply-structured actions, tailored to meet individual client needs. We focus on fair and exhibition stand design and development as well as on event scenography.
Tatjana emigrates from the Soviet Union and settles in Warsaw. Educated as a fashion designer, she has the soul of an artist and the mind of an engineer.
Robert opens a construction tools company. He has extensive technical knowledge and a quirky sense of humour, and is considerably resistance to stress as a bonus.
This was when our paths crossed; we became a tandem in professional and private lives. We blended artistic talent with technical knowledge and practical experience.
This was when TRK SYSTEM was born. We stretched our legs and took to sea. We have been growing step by step in emulation of our Clients, developing knowledge and experience. There is no challenge we would not take on. Every day teaches us something new.
We skydive in our free time.
Skydiving teaches us to make courageous and rapid decisions – an excellent match for our work.
Projects are not the only thing worth living our lives for.